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Gallery of High Speed Draught Beer Dispensing Products and Server Experiences.

  • Air Canada Centre 3.8 Second Pour at 34 degrees

  • S-Tap Portable at the Staples Center, home of the LA Kings, Lakers, & Clippers

  • Rick Harrison’s Rollin Smoke BBQ Pawn Plaza, Las Vegas, 4 Nozzle S-Tap

  • S-Tap Growler Filler, 20 second fill FAST!

  • S-Tap Portable, Stadium Managers Association Super Bowl Party

  • Dual S-Tap at the TAPHaus Staples Center

  • S-Tap High-Speed Beer Dispenser, Computer Driven, Buford’s Kitchen

  • S-Tap at Heinz Field no learning curve!

  • S-Tap Guinness Nozzle, pours a perfect pint in 10 seconds! CHEERS!

  • S-Tap pouring Belgian Beer scraping off the foam. Perfect!