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Portable Beer Dispensing Systems

Integrated Dispense Systems introduces a complete Plug-n-Pour portable operation, allows you to dispense draught beer anywhere that electrical power is available.

S-Tap Portable, utilizes the same technology in a mobile and compact S-Tap System, provides the benefits of a draught beer system in any location. Perfect for events that require portability, with its extensive cooling capacity, ice bank systems, pasteurized ambient temperature kegs can be used. Whether placed in a kiosk, cart, or just placed in open space, speed of service and efficiency will be realized with the other benefits that is S-Tap.
Our S-Tap Beer Dispense systems provide:
  • Speedy: Tower dispenses at a speed of 4oz/sec (1-pint in 4-seconds) ideal for the Stadium and Events market
  • Smart: The tower is driven by a computer that also acts as a webserver-management system and data inventory control.
  • Sensitive: The unit is equipped with:
  • Flow-meter sensor: Allows up to a 1% accurate pour with a flick of a lever
  • Pressure sensors: Pneumatic pressure and beer pressure
  • Temperature sensors: Dispense temperature reading of in glass product.
  • Simple: NO learning curve to dispense the perfect glass of beer. Increased keg yield up to 98%.
  • Secure: Theft prevention by warning of dispensing during closing hours. Dispensing can be disabled via Web Server.
Learn more about the S-Tap Features and Benefits:
Web Server Tracking/Reporting
Data Integration
Digital Tower Keypad