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Beer Dispensing Systems Designed to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Learn more about the S-Tap Features and Benefits:
Web Server Tracking/Reporting
Data Integration
Digital Tower Keypad
The S-Tap beer dispensing system can facilitate large or small operations by offering a single tower, dual tower or a 4-nozzle stainless steel tower. The bottom fill technology and push lever switch positioned behind the dispense nozzle activates and enables a 4-second pint pour with up to 98% keg yield. The digital keypad with indicators and alarms, provide the user with information for maintaining endless, efficient service. The integrated web server provides quick, real-time data anytime and anywhere with LAN integration through the ethernet or Wi-Fi.
Our S-Tap Beer Dispense systems provide:
  • Speedy: Tower dispenses at a speed of 4oz/sec (1-pint in 4-seconds) ideal for the Stadium and Events market
  • Smart: The tower is driven by a computer that also acts as a webserver-management system and data inventory control.
  • Sensitive: The unit is equipped with:
  • Flow-meter sensor: Allows up to a 1% accurate pour with a flick of a lever
  • Pressure sensors: Pneumatic pressure and beer pressure
  • Temperature sensors: Dispense temperature reading of in glass product.
  • Simple: NO learning curve to dispense the perfect glass of beer. Increased keg yield up to 98%.
  • Secure: Theft prevention by warning of dispensing during closing hours. Dispensing can be disabled via Web Server.

Single S-Tap
Dual S-Tap
Four Way S-Tap
S-Tap has many features & benefits to help you manage costs while helping your service staff become more efficient.
Integrated Web Server
The integrated S-Tap web server has settings allowing the user to:
  • Set user login credentials for safety purposes
  • Set brand names, keg sizes being utilized and cup sizes.
  • Select unit of measure between SI, US and UK Imperial
  • Set opening and closing times
  • Set minimum tower and beer pressure
  • Set maximum beer temperature.
Digital Keypad
The S-Tap Digital Tower Keypad  provides your staff with the information and push-button technology to keep the beer flowing.
LED Alarms
  • Low Tower pressure will stop dispensing
  • Low Beer pressure will stop dispensing
  • High Beer temperature will alert bartender
  • Flow fault (flowmeter malfunction) will stop dispensing
  • End of keg via electronic E-Fob will stop dispensing
Data Integration
Available Data Integration features include:
  • Time of dispense
  • Measure of volume being dispensed per cup
  • Flow rate per dispense
  • Beer temperature per cup
  • Daily quantity served
  • Keg yield %
  • Tower pneumatic pressure
  • Beer primary pressure
  • Notices and warnings
  • Excel file download from database