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Custom Designed S-Tap Towers For Beer Dispensing Systems

Integrated Dispenses Systems can create custom designed towers allowing for the creativity of the individual or the facility that it is designed for. With bespoke designs, IDS can fabricate metals, cladding and fonts that are unique to the projects they are designed for, while combining the technology of S-Tap. Whether it’s a chain restaurant, sports and entertainment, nightclub or casino, IDS can design the theme or uniquity you require.
Our S-Tap Beer Dispense systems provide:
  • Speedy: Tower dispenses at a speed of 4oz/sec (1-pint in 4-seconds) ideal for the Stadium and Events market
  • Smart: The tower is driven by a computer that also acts as a webserver-management system and data inventory control.
  • Sensitive: The unit is equipped with:
  • Flow-meter sensor: Allows up to a 1% accurate pour with a flick of a lever
  • Pressure sensors: Pneumatic pressure and beer pressure
  • Temperature sensors: Dispense temperature reading of in glass product.
  • Simple: NO learning curve to dispense the perfect glass of beer. Increased keg yield up to 98%.
  • Secure: Theft prevention by warning of dispensing during closing hours. Dispensing can be disabled via Web Server.
Learn more about the S-Tap Features and Benefits:
Web Server Tracking/Reporting
Data Integration
Digital Tower Keypad